All orders are realized in Poland in our warehouse/production in Międzyrzec Podlaski.

For quantitative products like planks for paneling, floor boards, beams, we prepare a detailed prize offer, in which we inform about the order delivery date and means of payment. Usually, we realize the orders in two to four weeks. When it comes to furniture, we create the products according to the individual orders of our clients. We can produce the furniture according to a specimen or sketch. We realize orders from individual clients as well as wholesalers.

Please send us your requests via mail or call us. We speak Polish, English, French and German.


  1. Offering/Price
    Prices include standard packaging suitable for transport and standard handling and loading costs of the goods.
  1. Order confirmation
    The order must be confirmed by both parties. Only the content of the order form is binding.
  1. Delivery
    The date of delivery is not binding. An eventual delay of up to 10 days does not constitute a violation of the order conditions.
  1. Transport
    Transport costs are charged separately. It is a prerequisite that access with heavy trucks is possible and permitted. The recipient himself must start unloading the vehicle immediately and at his own expense. The recipient has to provide a suitable area for unloading the goods.
  1. Shipment of samples
    Samples of natural wood and stones as well as of other goods derived from the dismantling of former buildings show deviations in size, structure, color and texture as well as traces derived from their former use and similar characteristics specific to the material. Therefore, a sample can only provide a representative overview of the quantity delivered. As a result, deviations in properties that have not been explicitly guaranteed are possible and do not in any case constitute a defect.
  1. Defects and liability
    Qualitative inaccuracies must be reported immediately after delivery. Quantitative inaccuracies must be reported within 7 days after delivery. There is no obligation on our part to take back or replace goods. In the event of a responsibility on our part, we will at our discretion replace the goods or take them back or we will remedy the defect. Other and further claims against us are excluded, in particular we exclude any liability for goods which have been processed or sold. In the delivery or processing of reclaimed wood and historic building materials that are derived from dismantling former buildings, deviations in size, structure, color and texture as well as traces derived from their former use and similar characteristics are specific to the material and do not in any case constitute a defect of the purchased goods. In addition, the aforementioned goods are sensitive to breakage and damage and therefore breakage of up to 5% per delivery does not entitle the customer to compensation for damages. In relation of goods delivered by us, we accept no liability for contamination or infestation with pests- concerns thermic impregnated wood.
  1. Reservation of title
    The supplied goods remain our property until full payment of the purchase price is made. In the event of a default in payment or if there is reasonable concern about the solvency of the buyer, we are entitled to immediately collect goods at the buyer´s expense that are under retention of title. The buyer is obliged to store the goods in conditions which do not reduce the quality of the goods.
  1. Final provisions
    All disputes between the parties are under the exclusive responsibility of the factually and for the place of the principle office of the company Alldeco locally competent court of law.