Natural beauty, Quality, ecology

Wood is a natural resource, which is used for building construction, as well as for interior trim. Wood radiates warmth and coziness. It is used in modern as well as traditional architecture. It blends in every landscape. Solid wood is a must for everybody who values sustainability and closeness to nature. Its natural beauty and quality has been appreciated by many generations. Our wood has been won from old buildings and prepared for a second use, therefore our products are environmentally friendly , have history and its own unique charm.


belki ciosane

Our old wood product range includes planks for paneling, floor boards, log walls and beams.  We offer pine, fir and spruce. All our materials and products share naturalness and ecology. They can be used for construction, inner decoration or as facades of buildings.

Wood products


From our old wood we produce products like: furniture, stairs, balustrades, balconies, doors and others. The wood we use comes from deconstructions of old buildings in Poland  (garners and barns).

We offer pine, fir and spruce.




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